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Ukraine Welcome Circle

Ukraine Welcome Circle

Thank you for your interest in the St. Christopher Ukraine Welcome Circle! We are participating in the United For Ukraine (U4U) program to bring needy families to the United States for safety. This multifaceted project requires collaboration with the Diocese of Cleveland Office of Migration and Refugee Services. You can learn more about specific areas of need for our Ukrainian family below. Thank you for your interest in supporting our Ukraine Welcome Circle!

If you are interested in providing help for our Ukraine Welcome Circle or have questions, please send us an email at Please select the area that best categorizes your question or desire to help from the menu below and place in your email subject line. This enables us to expedite communication with you. Thank you!

This team will provide primary support by leading fundraising efforts, developing a budget, and navigating newcomers’ access to employment services (if applicable). Some of their tasks may include:

  • Facilitating fundraising efforts
  • Overseeing group funds disbursements
  • Developing a budget for the sponsor group
  • Collaborating with newcomers to create a family household budget
  • Locating local workforce services and online employment exchanges
  • Facilitating an informal job search


Interested in lending your talents in this area? Contact us above!

This team will provide primary support by leading the housing search and ensuring basic necessities are provided. Some of their tasks may include:

  • Securing clean, safe, and affordable housing
  • Securing renters insurance if needed
  • Furnishing the housing with necessary items
  • Arranging for utilities to be installed
  • Providing food staples stocking pantry with initial food items
  • Providing seasonally/age appropriate clothing


Interested in donating home furnishings or lending your talents? Contact us above!

This team will provide primary support by leading connections to healthcare and eligible benefits. Some of their tasks may include:

  • Connecting the newcomer to healthcare providers
  • Enrolling individuals and families in services and benefits, such as Affordable Care Act plans, Children’s Health Insurance Plans (CHIP), and other available health insurance plans
  • Connecting the newcomer to mental healthcare resources as appropriate
  • Connecting the newcomer to local, state and community-based nonprofit services (food pantry, town social services, etc.)


Are you a healthcare provider or insurance specialist who can help? Contact us above!

This team will provide primary support by leading initial welcome efforts and community orientation. Some of their tasks may include:

  • Meeting newcomers at the airport & transporting them to secured housing
  • Orienting newcomers to community resources (library, youth services/clubs, recreational, etc.)
  • Orienting newcomers to public transportation (bus, train, rideshare, etc.)
  • Orienting newcomers to laws, personal and home safety
  • Facilitating connections to local ethnic based community organizations and/or faith communities as appropriate

This team will provide primary support by leading school enrollment and connection to English language learning services. Some of their tasks include:

  • Enrolling children in school, afterschool, and/or summer school programming
  • Exploring community college or higher education options for older youth
  • Providing interpreter and/or translation services for communication with newcomers
  • Connecting to formal, free or affordable language and digital literacy classes
  • Providing informal language training partners
  • Connecting parents to family or community liaisons in local schools or school districts
  • Build awareness about navigating the U.S. educational system

This team will meet the basic transportation necessities of our family, including:

  • Picking the family up from the airport
  • Initially providing transportation to grocery shopping, medical appointments, government/immigration appointments, religious services etc.
  • Build awareness about navigating the use of the local bus system