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Called For More

“Called for More” Disciple Maker Index Parish Survey


Our parish is participating in a diocesan wide survey that will be taking place over the next
few weeks. This survey instrument entitled, Called For More, is a national program prepared by
the Catholic Leadership Institute and already done in 37 dioceses in the United States. It is
designed to listen to parishioners in support of parish and priestly life. The hope is to obtain an
ideal leadership profile of priests, an ideal profile of a parish and a snapshot of the faith journey
of parishioners.
The main instrument of the program is a 75 question survey for all parishioners to reflect
on two things, individual spiritual growth and engagement with the parish. The survey should
take 10 – 15 minutes to complete and is available from Saturday, February 20 to Monday, March
22 through an online link available below. Paper copies are available at the Parish Office and
Priest’s Sacristy in church for those who prefer that method. Gayle Cilimburg is the “Primary
Point of Contact” for our parish if you have any questions.
Some of you might wonder how this will be different from the parish survey we did in 2018.
That was a helpful process for our parish and the Pastoral Council continues to develop goals and
action steps as a follow-up, with many items already in place. This diocesan survey will support
and augment what we are already doing and further validate and encourage goals and plans we
are already trying to implement in our community. I invite and encourage your participation in
this diocesan effort.

Thank you for your participation, Fr. John

The Survey can be accessed here