SUNDAY: 8:30AM, 10:00AM, 11:30AM

Our Members

J+Walkers membership is open to all teens in grades 7-12. Members need not be a member of St. Christopher Parish, but should be aware of the group’s identity as a Catholic ministry of St. Christopher. Learn more about our membership structure below:

All teens interested in learning about J+Walkers become Inquirers. Inquirers attend a few events to learn more about the group and our mission. During this time, Inquirers have the opportunity to meet new friends and understand what our ministry is all about. St. Christopher Confirmation candidates are automatically considered Inquirers during their sacramental preparation.

After an inquiry period, students who wish to formally join the group can become Members. Members are encouraged to attend events with regularity, offering their unique gifts and talents through active participation in the group. Members receive a J+Walkers t-shirt as a sign of their commitment to the group.

J+Walkers Core Team is composed of teens selected by student and adult leaders. Core Team members have demonstrated significant commitment to the group and have a desire to serve as student leaders. Core Team members help make decisions about group activities and identity. Members of the Core Team have the opportunity to plan and lead group activities.

Student Ambassadors are the student leaders of J+Walkers. These students display a high level of commitment to the group’s vision and success. They regularly make decisions about and lead group activities. Ambassadors greet new Inquirers and mentor them. They are strong advocates for the group in our local communities. They communicate with adult leaders to make J+Walkers a welcoming, successful ministry. Ambassadors are given a gold star insignia on their J+Walker apparel.